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Start your database marketing program today, and communicate one-to-one with your customers! Ideal for convention centers, arenas, auditoriums, conference centers, visitor bureaus, offices of tourism and chambers of commerce, the KEEP ME POSTED e-mail program will dramatically boost exposure and attendance to your venue, location and events while increasing customer satisfaction. And it does this by leveraging the existing traffic to your website!

  • Fill empty seats at your venue
  • Promote hot rates and dates to meeting and event planners
  • Offer package deals and incentives
  • Announce special events, festivals, concerts, sports, theater, art exhibits...
  • Direct customers to online ticket sales and shopping sites
  • Offer discounts to gift shops, golf shops dining, car rentals, etc.
  • The list goes on...

How The Program Works

  1. Decide what data you wish to collect - we'll build a custom form on and/or where customers will go to join your KEEP ME POSTED program.

  2. Add a KEEP ME POSTED icon to the busiest pages on your website - when users click on it they will be delivered to your custom form. We store and manage your database - you don't need to do anything!

  3. Schedule an e-mail broadcast by going to your password protected page on and/or Simply tell us who in the database will get the e-mail, write your message and click!

  4. Your e-mail broadcast will be sent from our mail server on the date you designate.

  5. We also handle all remove me requests from your database.

  6. Sit back as your customers respond to your e-mails... and they do respond! Remember, you are building a 100% opt-in database, so the customers that sign up want to get your e-mail broadcasts.

  7. In addition to promoting your events, you can use the KEEP ME POSTED program as a revenue generator by selling space in the e-mail. For example, an arena can promote an upcoming concert and sell a few lines to a local restaurant that may want to offer a discount to concert goers. Or, a visitor bureau can allow it's members (hotels, resorts, attractions) to send messages to the e-mail database for a fee!

What Does the KEEP ME POSTED Program Cost

There is a $200-$500 setup fee for creating the KEEP ME POSTED form, graphics, and creation of a password protected form for scheduling e-mail broadcasts. This fee is dependent on things such as the complexity of the database, whether or not you'll need us to design the KEEP ME POSTED icons, and whether or not you'll need us to edit your existing website to link to your custom form.


Level 1 - $150 per month - this includes up to 5 e-mail messages per month. The maximum size of the database is limited to 2,500 records.

Level 2 - $300 per month - this includes up to 10 e-mail messages per month. The maximum size of the database is limited to 7,500 records.

Level 3 - $450 per month - this includes up to 15 e-mail messages per month. The maximum size of the database is limited to 12,500 records.

Level 4 - $600 per month - this includes up to 20 e-mail messages per month. The maximum size of the database is limited to 20,000 records.

Reference Sites

To see how this program works, simply click on one of the links below. Once at the site, click on the KEEP ME POSTED icon. You will then be sent to that companies' custom form.


For more information, or to start your KEEP ME POSTED program today,

contact us at 716.741.6209 or at


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